Rahul Sankrityayan Paryatan Puraskar Yojna

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The Ministry of Tourism is running a programme named “Rahul Sankrityayan Paryatan Puraskar Yojna” to award books written in Hindi on tourism-related topics.


The goal of this project is to encourage original book writing in Hindi on topics relating to Indian tourism.


This programme will only take books released or cleanly typed manuscripts between the 1st of April, 2013 and the 31st of March, 2014.


This scheme will provide the following prizes:

  1. First prize: Rs. 40,000/-
  2. Second prize: Rs. 30,000/-
  3. Third prize: Rs. 20,000/-
  4. Consolation prize: Rs. 10,000/-


This system will examine published books/manuscripts written on the following subjects: 

  1. Tourism-related subjects, such as adventure tourism, sports tourism, beach tourism, wildlife tourism, mountaineering, trekking, hill tourism, water sports, holiday and leisure tourism, and so on
  2. Books on Travelogue and Travel Industry related to tourism
  3. Hotel Industry, Hotel Management, Applied Nutrition & Catering Technology
  4. Tourist places in India and facilities available/to be made available there and Tourism infrastructural facilities and potential of Tourism promotion
  5. Maintenance and preservation of historical and cultural heritage
  6. Recreational facilities made available to tourists and related creative suggestions
  7. Tourist statistics, scheme-specific budgets, and tourism promotion strategies
  8. Organizing National and International Fairs, Festivals, Exhibitions, Conferences, and Conventions, as well as descriptions of the facilities available/to be made available
  9. Components are helpful in increasing tourist arrivals, such as rules governing Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Tourist Car Operators, and Hoteliers, as well as their implementation and suggestions
  10. Any other subjects related to tourism, other than those mentioned above
  11. Indian archaeology, such as mound building.


  1. This scheme is open to all Indian citizens, including serving and former officers/employees of the Ministry of Tourism and ASI.
  2. A book was written originally in Hindi by the participant/writer himself/herself
  3. which should not be a translation by the participant of a book or write up written in any other language by any other writer
  4. which should not be a translation by the participant or any professional translator of a book written originally in any other language by the participant himself
  5. which should not be written by the participant or any professional translator.
  6. which should not be a Hindi translation of a book or write-up published in English or another language by the participant as part of his/her official work or capacity, or by any professional translator
  7. which is not a Hindi translation of a previously written book in English or any other language, a published book, or an extract or summary of any write-up prepared by the participant himself as part of his/her official work or in any other capacity, or by any other person
  8. which is not a book written under any Government contract or under any Government Scheme.
  • The published book being submitted under this Award programme must be the author’s original creation and must not infringe on the copyright of another person.

Submitting entries

  1. Published books or typed copies of manuscripts will both be considered for award under this scheme.
  2. Participants must sign an agreement in the enclosed Entry Form that the entry sent under this scheme is an original composition written in Hindi in accordance with the definitions/conditions/criteria set down in paragraphs 5(2) I to (ii) (vii).
  3. Participants should send six copies of books/typed manuscripts, as well as a two-page description of the book/manuscript, to the Joint Director (OL), Ministry of Tourism, Room No.18, C-I Hutments, Dalhousie Road, New Delhi-110011, by January 31, 2015. Manuscript books/typed copies received after the deadline will not be accepted. The books/manuscripts obtained through the scheme will not be returned.
  4. If a copyright issue occurs, the writer must give both the original and an authenticated copy of the copyright holder’s permission. The original copy will be returned to the writer after verification, and the attested copy will be preserved as a record in the Ministry.
  5. The scheme’s details and the Entry Form are available from the Joint Director (OL), Ministry of Tourism, Room No.18, C-I Hutments, Dalhousie Road, New Delhi-110011. The specifics of this scheme can also be acquired on the Ministry of Tourism’s website. This scheme’s details can be obtained by contacting the e-mail address [email protected]

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