Sahakar Mitra Scheme

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The Union Agricultural Minister, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, has introduced the Sahakar Mitra Scheme to assist graduate students with their internship programme. The scheme will allow interns to assist in cooperative institutions, allowing them to express their new ideas while also gaining valuable field experience.

This is a new National Cooperative Developmental Cooperation (NCDC) initiative. The Sahakar Mitra Yojana would provide paid internships for young people as well as guaranteed project loans for young co-operators. The National Cooperative Developmental Cooperation (NCDC) has also participated in certain cooperative sector efforts in India, such as entrepreneurship development.

The launch

During the scheme’s launch, the Union Minister mentioned that the unique cooperative sector development in finance organisation NCDC has launched a series of initiatives in the cooperative sector’s entrepreneurship development through a paid internship for interns, as well as ensuring capacity development and guaranteed project loans on liberalised terms for young cooperators on stay.

According to the Union minister, NCDC has created a supplemental scheme to support cooperative start-up initiatives. NCDC has also earmarked funds for the SahakarMitra Paid Internship Program to provide financial support for each intern during the course of a four-month internship.


The Scheme Sahakar Mitra’s aims are listed in the table below:

  1. Interns will be taught about the function, contribution, and impact of NCDC and cooperatives.
  2. Interns will learn about the NCDC’s context and practical operations.
  3. Professional graduates should be oriented toward a cooperative business model in order to participate in cooperative start-ups.
  4. To give interns the opportunity to take on leadership/entrepreneurial roles in Farmer Producers Organizations (FPOs) organised under cooperative legislation.
  5. To assist emerging cooperatives or those in need with business plans and projects by providing guaranteed project loans on liberalised terms to young cooperators in the initial phase.
  6. To support Modi’s ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative.
  7. Development of cooperative sector capacity

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Graduates who are qualified through the Sahakar Yojana will be eligible for internships in fields such as IT, agriculture, and so on.
  2. Individuals who have pursued or completed their studies in MBA with the disciplines of Cooperation Finance, Agri-Business, Forestry, Project Management, International Trade, Rural Development, and so on will also be eligible for the scheme.


  1. The Sahakar Mitra Yojana is expected to aid persons in cooperative institutions in accessing the individual’s fresh and unique ideas while also offering the essential experience for interns working in the field as well as the confidence to be self-sufficient.
  2. The concept is intended to be a win-win situation for both interns and cooperatives.
  3. Through cooperative assistance, the Yojana will also give an incentive for interns to develop entrepreneurial roles and leadership abilities.

Online Application

  1. Along with the plan for internship applications, which is available on the NCDC website, the Union Minister has also launched an online application gateway.
  2. You can complete the online registration procedure by clicking on this link.
  3. You must submit the internship application form online, along with the recommendation letter.
  4. The recommendation letter can be obtained from the head of the department at a UGC/AICTE/ICAR recognised university.
  5. The committees will select interns based on the candidate’s bio-data and recommendation letter.
  6. Placement will take place at HO, LINAC, or MOs.
  7. A mentor will supervise the intern and provide instruction and special assignments.
  8. The interns have agreed not to publish the study’s findings.

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