National Technical Textiles Mission

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Technical textiles are textile materials that are manufactured for their technical performance and utilitarian capabilities rather than their aesthetic and decorative features. These items are divided into 12 categories: Agrotech, Oekotech, Buildtech, Meditech, Geotech, Clothtech, Mobiltech, Hometech, Sportstech, Indutech, Protech, and Packtech.

The Ministry of Textiles launched this scheme to position India as a global leader in technical textiles. The annual value of technical textiles is about 14,000 crore. This mission intends to increase this value to 20,000 crores by 2021-22. This will provide an average of 10% annual export growth until 2023-24.


The Ministry will carry out its purpose through a three-tier institutional system comprised of the following organisations:

The Mission Steering Group

This group will approve all financial standards pertaining to the mission’s schemes, programmes, and components. Under this objective, they will also approve scientific and technology research initiatives.

Empowered Programme Committee

They will accept all projects with the exception of research projects that fall within the cost constraints of multiple programmes as agreed by the mission steering committee. The committee will also be in charge of overseeing the execution of several mission components.

Technical Textiles Research, Development, and Innovation Committee

This committee identifies and recommends research initiatives for approval to the mission steering group. The initiatives are in key areas such as space, defence, paramilitary, security, and atomic energy.

Eligibility Criteria

Senior consultant (data analytics), consultant/specialist (scientific research), and consultants (applications) positions were available under the National Technical Textiles Mission as of January 2021.

The following are the eligibility requirements for such positions:

Senior Consultant

M.Sc. (Mathematics/Statistics), MBA, M.comm. qualified students

5 years of professional experience

As of 1.08.2020, the age range is 21 to 65.

Must be active until March 31, 2024.

Based on an interview, I was hired on a contract basis.

There is one available position.

Monthly consolidated emoluments of 80,000

Specialist or Consultant (Scientific Research)

Agriculture, Physics, Material Science, and Chemistry M.Sc.

5 years of relevant experience 21-65 years of age as of 1.08.2020

Recruited on a contractual basis based on an interview Must labour under the mission until 31.03.2024 Emoluments of 80,000 per month (consolidated)

There is one available position.

Consulting firms (Applications)

Consultants or professionals for scientific research are the same.


This mission’s four components are as follows:

Research, Development and Innovation

With a budget of 1000 crore, the component focuses on research at both the fibre and application levels in geo, mobile textiles, medical, agro, sports, and the development of biodegradable technical textiles.

Market Development and Promotion

A 50-crore budget has been set out for this component. The mission’s goal for this component is to raise the domestic market size from $40 million to $50 million.

Export Promotion

This component, which costs 10 crores, tries to encourage exports.

Education, Training, and Skill Development

A budget of Rs 400 crore has been set aside for this component.


Here are some of the scheme’s financial advantages:

  1. The use of these textiles in dairy, Swachh Bharat Mission, agriculture, poultry, and other industries would reduce economic costs.
  2. It has the potential to improve soil and water conservation.
  3. The mission’s goal is to increase agricultural output.
  4. Farmers’ revenues for each acre of land will rise as agricultural productivity rises.
  5. It encourages the country’s manufacturing and export activity.
  6. The use of geotextiles in highways, railways, and ports will result in more solid infrastructure, a longer life cycle, and cheaper infrastructure maintenance costs.
  7. The mission intends to foster new businesses and ventures.

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