National Overseas Scholarship (NOS) Scheme — Key points to know

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In order to ensure that every student in the country, the Government of India frequently launches various kinds of schemes. By the means of these schemes, scholarships, fees, and monetary benefits are offered to the students so that they can continue their studies without any financial stress.

In order to facilitate those students who come from financially backward sectors of society, the Government of India has launched a National Overseas Scholarship.

Through this scholarship scheme, students belonging to Scheduled Caste, denotified nomadic, landless agricultural labourers and traditional artisans category will receive financial assistance for their higher education.

This scheme will help in uplifting the economic and social status of the students. Through this scheme, every year, 100 scholarships are offered subject to the availability of funds. The students receive financial assistance for pursuing higher studies like master courses and PhD courses abroad in institutions or universities which are recognised by the government or any other authorised body. Each year 30% of the awards of scholarship are reserved for women candidates.

Objective of the scheme

The primary aim of the National Overseas Scholarship scheme is to provide financial support to those students who want to pursue education abroad. By the means of this scholarship, financial incentives are provided for tuition fees and any other type of expense that is incurred during the course of education.

Distribution of slots

The category-wise distribution of slots under the National Overseas Scholarship is stated below:

Scheduled Caste: 90

Denotified, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribe: 06

Landless agricultural labourers and traditional artisans: 04

Total: 100

Notable features of the scheme

Some of the key features and benefits of the National Overseas Scholarship scheme are as follows:

  1. The government of India has launched the National Overseas Scholarship
  2. Through this scheme, students belonging to scheduled castes, denotified nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes, landless agricultural labourers and traditional artisans category will receive financial support for pursuing higher studies
  3. The National Overseas Scholarship scheme is set to improve the economic and social conditions of the students
  4. By the means of this scheme, 100 scholarships will be offered if sufficient funds are available
  5. Students who want to pursue their education in PhD or masters courses abroad can do so by taking benefit of this scheme
  6. 30% of the awards of scholarship are reserved for women candidates
  7. Applicants that are pursuing bachelors level courses cannot get the benefit of this scheme

Application procedure instruction

Some of the necessary instructions regarding the application procedure are:

  1. The scheme will be marketed and advertised through newspapers and other media platforms
  2. The official portal will accept applications from April every year for a period of 30 days
  3. Online applications will be considered for the award of scholarship in the first cycle of selection
  4. In case the slots remain empty after the first cycle of selection, the portal will be open again every quarter for a period of 30 days until the slots are filled
  5. When all the slots are filled the portal will not be reported

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