Procurement and Marketing Support (PMS) scheme

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The Procurement and Marketing Support Scheme would promote and educate MSMEs through trade fairs and awareness campaigns about the GeM portal, online services, and other services. The scheme also encourages Micro and Small Enterprises to expand their local markets and create innovative ways to promote new market access efforts. It will also address the activities needed to establish market connections in order to effectively implement the Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order of 2012.

Objectives and Benefits

The plan provides the following benefits:

Objective: The scheme’s objectives are as follows:

• Promoting new market access activities, such as organising participation in National International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions/MSME Expos, and so on.

• To raise awareness and educate MSMEs on the importance of packaging methods and processes in marketing, the latest packaging technology, import-export policy and procedures, the GeM portal, the MSME Conclave, the latest developments in international and national trade, and other subjects and topics relevant to market access developments.

• Raising knowledge of trade fairs, bar codes, digital advertising, e-marketing, GST, GeM portal, public procurement rules, and other related topics, among others.

Eligibility Condition

MSMEs in the manufacturing and service sectors that have enrolled at the Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) Portal. Find more details under this link – Office_memorandum_PandMS.pdf (

Implementing Agency

M/o MSME through 010 DC (MSME), as well as its network of field offices, NSIC, and other Ministry of MSME organisations. The Implementing Agency will carry out all of the scheme’s components and monitor their performance, solicit proposals/applications, examine them, create the bill I claim, and assure settlement.

Detailed Information about the PMS Scheme

  • MSE participation at domestic exhibitions and trade fairs throughout the country: Budgetary support for A-class and metro cities is limited to INR 1.5 lakh. For Class B cities, Hilly States, J&K, NER, and other cities, the maximum amount is INR 1.0 Lakh. The maximum amount is INR 0.80 lakh.
  • The Ministry/Office of DC (MSME) organises participation in domestic trade fairs and exhibitions:

The maximum budgetary support for advertising and publicity, as well as venue rental for the event, is as follows:

(i) Regional: (State/District): maximum of Rs.30.00 Lakh

(ii) National: maximum of INR 40.00 Lakh.

(iii) International: As determined by the Empowered Committee and subject to approval by the Department of Expenditure.

  • Increasing MSMEs’ capacity in advanced packaging techniques: The maximum budgetary support for green packaging consultancy for MSME units is INR 1.5 lakh, and the maximum budgetary support for regular packaging consultancy is INR 1.0 lakh.
  • Marketing Haats Development The GIA would not exceed the maximum budgetary support of INR 50 lakh for the development of the new MSME Haats.
  • The maximum GIA for renovation/upgradation of existing Marketing Haats will be INR 20 Lakh.
  • Vendor Development Programmes: Maximum Budgetary Support of INR 1 Lakh for State Level Vendor Development Programme (SLVDP), INR 10 Lakh for A class city National Level Vendor Development Programme (NLVDP) (One Day), and INR 7.0 Lakh for other cities. (Two to Three Days)
  • International/Seminars/National Workshops: INR 5.0 lakh maximum or actual whichever is less for National Seminar/Workshop and INR 7.5 lakh maximum or actual whichever is less for International Seminar/Workshop.
  • Budgetary funding for awareness programmes is limited to INR 70,000 per programme (One day).

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