UP Rojgar Mela

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Let us tell you that if you live in Uttar Pradesh and are unemployed, this can be very good news for you because the Up Rojgar Mela service is available in almost all of the state’s districts.

If you’re from Uttar Pradesh, there’s some excellent news for you. More than 72000 jobs in Uttar Pradesh have been eliminated as a result of the job cuts. There is employment available in both the private and public sectors.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has scheduled an employment fair (up Rojgar Mela 2022) for more than 72000 unfilled positions in more than 70 districts.

When will the Uttar Pradesh Job Fair begin?

Around 75000 youngsters and 8000 businesspeople, or industrialists, are expected to attend the employment fair, which will begin on April 21, 2022, in all of Madhya Pradesh’s districts. However, in light of all of my preparations, an order was issued to complete it by April 18, and the Divisional Officer was also dispatched to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Who Will Be Involved In The Employment Fairs And How Will They Be Prepared?

Let us inform you that on Friday, Principal Secretary Vocational Education and Skill Development Minister Amrit Abhijeet conducted an online review with the concerned officials regarding the fair’s preparation, and according to the news, the industrial operations in the Badi district were reviewed during the Ishq review. It has been given more attention since more people can be employed in it, and at this meeting, the PMU Right Walk Foundation of the department, whose U Sabina Bano stated that 35000 people have been employed in it so far, with more on the way. MS ME has displayed that industry on the portal.

Who Is Attending The Employment Fair In Uttar Pradesh?

The Uttar Pradesh Employment Fair will bring together a large number of industrialists, capitalists, and government officials who would announce employment to many unemployed people in their businesses.

Where Can I Find Detailed Information About The Uttar Pradesh Job Fair?

Let us tell you that all of Uttar Pradesh’s information, regardless of the data, is available on the state’s official website, which is updated every two hours, and with this, Director of Training and Employment Harikesh Chaurasia stated that fair monitoring will be conducted online from Lucknow.

Sewa yojana.up.nic.inEmployment Fair Employment Portal

Anyone interested in working under the Rojgar Mela (up to Rojgar Mela 2022) must first register with the employment portal (Sewa yojana.up.nic.in). Similarly, if an organization or corporation wishes to hire someone at a certain location, that entity must also register on the employment portal (Sewa yojana.up.nic.in).

The employer posts a job vacancy on the employment portal (s away Jan.up.nic.in), along with the location for which the vacancy is being advertised. After that, any interested and needy candidates can register for the Uttar Pradesh Rojgar Mela (up Rojgar Mela 2022) by visiting the Sewayojan Portal (Sewa yojana.up.nic.in).

When a corporation creates a job vacancy (up to date job vacancy 2022) and unemployed people register for it. Then a job list is chosen, indicating how many persons of that type are arriving from the location where the organization needs personnel.

When this selection is complete, the companies will notify these individuals through email, and they will be asked to attend the UP employment fair.

The concerned district-level committee organizes the Uttar Pradesh Rojgar Mela 2022 (up Rojgar Mela 2022), and it is their responsibility to provide the list of employed candidates to the concerned employment officer after selection. The candidates’ list is also uploaded on the internet after they have been chosen.

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