Training of Rural Youth for Self-development (TRYSEM)

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Unemployment, over the last couple of years, has grown to be a serious issue. Millions of youngsters from all over the country have struggled lately due to random layoffs, unannounced terminations and lack of opportunities nationwide.

In such grim circumstances, a ray of hope shines in the form of Training of Rural Youth for Self-employment, or commonly known as TRYSEM.

What is TRYSEM?

TRYSEM essentially is a scheme launched by the Government of India through the Department of Rural Development on the 15th of August 1979. This scheme has been put to action to essentially provide youngsters across the country find a job they rightfully deserve, based on the skills they hold, especially for those belonging to the rural and backward parts of the nation.

Main Objectives of the TRYSEM?

The main objectives behind the setting up of TRYSEM are as follows:

  1. To provide technical skills to the rural youth, especially to those from below the Poverty Line
  2. To enable rural youth to take up self-employment opportunities in larger fields of agriculture and several allied activities

In order to be useful to the youth of rural areas, implementing these objectives becomes vital.

Main features of the TRYSEM:

Here are some of the main features of the scheme:

  • The registered Youth will be put through a period of training institutions or under expert training of master craftsmen
  • Trainers are given a basic stipend to meet their basic needs and are also offered a tool kit to cope with the needs of the course
  • There would be wage employment training offered in the secondary and tertiary sectors
  • Identification of location for training is done by the DRDA with a thorough consultation with district-level officers of different departments.

There are several Rural Self Employment training institutes of RSETIs being set up for people all around the nation. These training institutes, as the name suggests, ensure that the Rural population finds the right training and opportunities to thrive in the modern world.

In conclusion

In the modern world, only the person who has the skill to carry out tasks has a chance to live a dignified life. The chance to make a living is bestowed on those having the skill for it. And skill development is not affordable anymore to everyone.

Through the TRYSEM programme, the government intends to reach out to the youth of rural areas and encourage them to take up a vocation that can fulfil their lives and that of their families. In other words, it aims to offer them a chance to make a life and find purpose. This will not only occupy the youth of the nation in more productive duties but will also enhance the overall profitability of national economics. With more skilled workforce pumped into the equation, more productivity can be achieved, which stands to tackle the two-pronged issues plaguing this nation – unemployment and lack of skilled work force.

Through this scheme, a world of potential can be unlocked and it is about time it happened!

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