TCSP Schemes

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The TCSP Schemes stands for Technology Center Systems Programme (TCSP). The scheme looks to enhance the productivity of the Ministry Of Small and Medium Enterprise, or MSME by improving their access to business and technology advisory services and skilled workers through financially sustainable Technology Centers ( TCs). Essentially, there are three major components of the project which are technical assistance to pre-existing and new technology centers, investments to n=be ade in developing new and up-gradation of existing technology centers, and providing technical assistance to the MSME Ministry for Program, implementation, and Monitoring and Evaluation ( M&E).

Objectives of the scheme-

  1. It aims at providing technical and business advisory support to MSME entrepreneurs.
  2. Its objectives revolve around the fact that advanced manufacturing technologies are needed to be made more accessible.
  3. or technical skill development of the youth at various levels starting from school dropouts to engineering graduates by upskilling and skilling of the available manpower.

For the achievement of the above-stated purposes, several Technological Centers (TCs) have been spread across the country which was formerly known as Tool Rooms and Technological Development Centers’. Their primary focus was to support MSMEs.

Recent research has shown that TCs have been successful in serving MSMEs and that a strong need to replicate this pattern is required in the remaining states so they can also benefit from it. The government of India has supposedly approved the upgradation and expansion of the network of MSME Technology Centers across India. For the same purpose, 15 Technological centers and modernization of existing TCs have been proposed under the Technology Center Systems Programme (TCSP).

The funds required for the project have been approximately valued at Rs. 2200 crore with the financial support of the World Bank in the form of $200 million.

The vital components of the Scheme include :

  1. Establishing a National Portal which will encourage an interactive, self-sustainable, and vibrant platform to fulfill the MSMEs’ needs. This information made available will include business opportunities availability, ERP and IT service providers, Government policies, suppliers, customers, accountants, and logistic partners.
  2. The make of 15 new TCs and upkeep of existing Technology Centers.
  3. Provision for services of Cluster Network Manager(s) is available to produce links amongst stakeholders, academia, research institutions, and large industry players.
  4. Availing services of world-class Technology partners that will strengthen sector-specific TCs through technical capabilities and thus support MSMEs better.

To summarize, 9 states have already allotted close to 165 acres of free land and 9 states are in the due process of doing the same. This shows the enthusiasm with which the Scheme, The World Bank Board, and the Indian Government have also approved the program. The current state of the program can be defined as the designed state. The implementation would be spread across 6 years and will commence shortly. It has been built upon the experience of ministry over the years and closed programs globally. The program is targeted at several industries and comprises several components and is hence called one of the most unique programs of the Ministry Of MS

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