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The AICTE ( All India Council for Technical Education) has introduced a new scheme to assist and help students and candidates who are at an economic disadvantage to complete their relevant education. This scheme was introduced after Covid-19 struck the world. The target beneficiaries of the scheme are children who have lost both their parents, children whose parents worked in the Armed forces and have become martyrs, and children whose either parent or both parents were deceased due to Covid-19. Whichever student qualifies in either of the mentioned situations, can avail of benefits under the AICTE Swanath Scholarship For Students. Students who are pursuing a diploma degree from any of the governmentally recognized institutes can also avail benefits of the scheme. It is a Scheme that aims at helping students to further study and secure a successful future through the means of education.

Amount and number of scholarships

As released, a maximum of 2000 scholarships ( 1000 for Diploma students and 1000 for Degree students) will be awarded and Rs. 50,000 per annum for every student. This scholarship will cover college fees, the purchase of study-related equipment, study material, stationery, and many more. The scholarship doesn’t cover hostel or medical charges.

Selection Criteria

For Diploma Students

The percentage of marks obtained in the 10th/ equivalent examination is the determining factor for the selection of candidates. It is solely based on the merit of the qualifying exam.

In case there are percentile ties, the elder candidate will be favored to qualify for the scholarship. If this is insufficient, the candidate who comes from a family of lower annual income comparatively qualifies for the scholarship.   

For Degree Level

The percentage of marks obtained in the 10+2 / equivalent examination is the determining factor for the selection of candidates. It is solely based on the merit of the qualifying examination.

In case there are percentile ties, the marks obtained in the 10th standard examination become the decision-maker. If that does not work, the candidate of elder age will be ranked higher. If this also falls short, the candidate with the comparative lower family annual income is ranked higher.

Application process

  • The interested candidates, apply online through the web portal.
  • The institutes where the said candidates were studying need to verify and validate the online application for the information provided there.
  • The application is then verified by the Department of Education (DTE) of the respective state / Union territory as the second level of scrutiny.

Some important points to keep in mind

  • The application to the scholarship is invited only once a year through the National e-Scholarship Portal of the Government of India.
  • The Scheme is implemented and monitored by the AICTE.
  • If a candidate fails/ drops out in a subsequent year, he/she will not be eligible for further scholarship.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected. Only complete, correctly filled, and verified applications are counted for consideration of the scholarship.
  • After submission of the application form, the candidate is advised to verify the application by the Institute Nodal Officer (INO) and State Nodal officer ( SNO) within the schedule as notified by the NSP from time to time.

The further observation of the Scholarship Scheme justifies that it is heavily beneficial to the target audience, a catalyst for social change, and will bear fruits in the future in providing skilled employment to the economy.

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