Shaadi Shagun Yojana

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PM Shadi Shagun Yojana is a novel scheme that has been approved by the Central Cabinet and is fundamentally sponsored by the Central Government. It is a simple scheme that aims at providing entitlement benefits to all graduate Muslim girls of up to rupees 51,000 as a wedding gift.

It was a scheme that was proposed to the Government by the Maulana Azad Education Foundation. It has been approved by the  Ministry of Minority Affairs and primarily aims for the betterment of higher education among minority groups through the principle of incentivization.  It is an enormous effort by the Prime Minister of the country to motivate girls of minority groups, especially the Muslim community to go forward and attain higher education to fulfill their dreams.

This will eradicate the situation where due to lack of funds, girls of minority groups are married off before they attain the age of 18 years. The scheme is also known as the Shaadi Anudan Yojana. It solely focuses on only those girl minority groups that have completed graduation which might provide the argument for singling out less educated girls.

Eligibility criteria as under the Yojana

  1. Only Muslim girls are applicable to apply under the scheme.
  1. Only girls who have completed their graduate studies along with the proof to certify the same before they get married are eligible.
  1. A graduation certificate, a qualification certificate from a recognized university or a college must be provided.
  1. Girls who are availing of the Begum Hazrat Mahal Scholarship funded by the Maulana Azad Education Foundation are also eligible to apply under this scheme.
  1. The girl applying under the scheme should be a citizen of India.
  1. The eligible candidate should not have a family annual income between an income bracket for instance, between 3 to 5 lacs.

Components online application under the Shadi Shagun Yojana

  1. Not only will the Muslim girl be given financial aid in form of a grant during their marriage but also the parents will be provided financial assistance during the same time.
  1. The scheme is being headed by the Minority Affairs Ministry under the Government of India.
  1. A grant of rupees 10,000 is also awarded to those who have completed education in the 9th and 10th standards.
  1. This is not a scheme that aims at the promotion of marriage among young Muslim girls but the pursuit of higher education.
  1. A web portal dedicated specifically to the Shaadi Shagun Yojana is yet to be formed which might hinder the online application process but it is expected to show up very soon. The  Maulana Azad education foundation provides information about the scheme.
  1. The scheme is a national movement and is applicable under all states and union territories within the geographical boundaries of the Indian subcontinent.

Critics have argued that this scheme is not beneficial to young minds of minority groups but the solution is to look at it from a perspective of optimism. The very fact that the aid can be received upon marriage only after completion of undergraduate studies signifies that a minimum benchmark is set for any financial gains. Since it is a government-funded scheme, proper verification and authentication of documents and certificates will be taken into consideration before the allotment of funds.

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