Saraswati Sadhana Yojana BCK-6

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Grade ten is a pivotal year in any student’s academic career. It establishes the groundwork for the student’s higher education and charts the direction for their future. However, research show that most underprivileged Indian females cannot afford higher education due to a lack of resources.

In many circumstances, girls find it difficult to go to school, and paying for transportation becomes unattainable for parents who are already struggling to make ends meet.

To address this issue and provide females in rural regions with a reliable mode of transportation, the Gujarat government has launched an innovative scheme called the Gujarat Saraswati Sadhana Yojana, which promotes girls from Scheduled Castes to continue their education.

According to the proposal, the Gujarat government would provide free bicycles to Scheduled Caste girls in government or government-aided institutions in class 9th.

Gujarat’s mission statement Saraswati Sadhana Yojana (Saraswati Sadhana Yojana) is a government

On multiple occasions, the Gujarat government saw that the dropout rate of girls climbed rapidly as they progressed through the grades, particularly in grade 10, which is the most significant academic year in a student’s life. The Gujarat government created a free bicycle scheme to help minimize this and encourage girls to complete their studies.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Gujarat Saraswati Sadhana Yojana?

  • To be eligible for the plan, the applicant must meet the following requirements.
  • The annual income of Scheduled Caste parents from all sources must not exceed $120,000 for rural households and $150,000 for urban residents.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • The female must be from a Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, or Other Backward Class (OBC) background.
  • By the time she reaches grade 10, the girl kid must have completed the ninth grade.
  • The girl must come from a family that lives below the poverty line.

Documents required to participate in the scheme

  • The applicant girl’s and her father’s Aadhaar cards
  • BPL (British Public Library) card
  • To verify annual income, you’ll need a proof of income.
  • Marksheets from previous years
  • Certificate of Caste
  • Certificate of Birth
  • The application process for the Free bicycle initiative runs well once these documentation are in place. The beauty of this programme is that it equips young girls with all they need to get to school and bridges the gap between them and their academics.

To sum it up

The Free Bicycle programme encourages young women to continue their studies. Education is the only way out of the terrible cycle of poverty, and the more girls who have the opportunity to be educated, the better their chances in life will be. Women’s empowerment is a pressing issue, and with this programme in place, it is evident what the future holds for us as a country. We are on the cusp of a new India, one in which girls are educated and gender equality has been achieved across all industries.

According to the evaluation studies of Gujarat’s Free Bicycle Scheme for SC girls, the scheme is a blessing for female students. The Saraswati Sadhana Yojana in Gujarat aims to promote girls’ school enrolment and attendance by allowing them to ride their bikes to school.

Sarasvati Sadhana Scheme would have an impact on both the girls’ and their parents’ security worries, resulting in an increase in the enrolment and attendance of girls in Class 9th.

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