Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas

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The national government launched the scheme in September 2019. Various projects will be launched under this scheme to develop all of the country’s gram panchayats. Rural regions will be developed through a variety of projects that will be launched as part of this scheme.

The government runs several types of initiatives from time to time to develop the country’s rural areas. Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas Yojana is one of these key programmes that has been launched. Through this financial help from various initiatives for development at the Panchayat level will be offered.

Sabki Yojana was launched by Sabka Vikas with the purpose of increasing Panchayat’s power. This project will play a special role in the development of village panchayats, as well as in establishing plans and contributing to local progress.

Through the government, a web portal will be made available for all information to see the progress of the schemes connected to all the Gram Panchayats formed under this programme. The programmes launched for the development of Gram Panchayats will be transparently available to the public under this approach. By leveraging the resources available under Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas, GDP will be generated for social justice.


The major goal of Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas is to build and strengthen all Gram Panchayats in rural areas. Many development projects will be implemented in order to develop rural areas through the central government, according to this plan. On this foundation, all village-level infrastructure will be redesigned. The national government has taken a tangible step for rural India with this scheme. All forms of government services and ordinary services would be delivered to common persons at the Panchayat level under this system. This initiative is currently being implemented throughout India with the purpose of empowering rural India and bringing about change.

Participating ministry

  1. Panchayati Raj Ministry
  2.  Rural Development Ministry
  3. Tribal Affairs Ministry
  4. Drinking-Water and Sanitation Ministry
  5. Women and Child Development Ministry
  6. Power ministry
  7. Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry
  8. The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is in charge of the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.
  9. Petroleum and natural gas ministry
  10. Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change
  11. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Ministry of New and Renewable Energy


  1. This scheme was launched by the central government in September 2019.
  2. By leveraging the resources available to Gram Panchayats through Sabki Yojana and Sabka Vikas, GDP will be generated for economic development and social justice.
  3. The central government has incorporated 48 indicators in Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas to include various data for cleanliness, education, and health.
  4. Under this method, each Gram Panchayat will be assigned a score out of 100 for various tasks. Human development will receive 30 points, infrastructure will receive 30 points, and economic activity will receive 40 points.
  5. Gram Panchayat development projects will be ranked based on these figures.
  6. Backward gram panchayats would be given preference under the scheme based on their ranking.

Online registration procedure

  1. To register for Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas 2022 online, go to the portal’s main page.
  2. After viewing the website, go to the home page and click on the register button.
  3. Fill out all of the fields to register now.
  4. After filling out all of the necessary information, upload all of the necessary papers along with the form.
  5. After you’ve completed all of the steps, submit the form.
  6. In this manner, the Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas Online registration process would be finished.

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