PM WANI Scheme

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The Government of India recently announced the PM WANI (Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) Scheme in an effort to boost broadband internet spread across the country. The initiative intends to increase connectivity options and improve digital access by deploying Wi-Fi hotspots on a big scale around the country.

The programme envisions the establishment of public Wi-Fi networks and access points by local Kirana and neighbourhood stores via public data offices, with no licence, price, or registration required.

Aside from being a low-cost option for reaching unserved populations and growing the economy, public Wi-Fi has the potential to revolutionise the tech world and greatly boost Wi-Fi availability across India.

Objectives of the Scheme

  • Because of the free Wi-Fi, the initiative will immediately benefit every citizen of the country.
  • Another advantage of the proposal is that the government will create data centres.
  • This initiative would also boost the level of local enterprise.
  • It is a significant step forward in the direction of Digital India that our federal government has made.
  • The union Cabinet has allotted the telecom department around the country under this strategy.
  • This scheme has minimum formalities, and registration will be finished in seven days.
  • Scheme registration is a simple process made possible by the app; anyone may easily register themselves by following the online approach.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Small shopkeepers will benefit from improved and free internet connectivity as part of the PM Wi-Fi scheme, which will help them increase their income.
  • This plan would also help the Prime Minister’s Digital India Mission.
  • The Cabinet also approved the provision of underwater optical fibre cable connectivity between the mainland (Kochi) and the Lakshadweep Islands by implementing the programme.
  • This concept would improve the convenience of doing business while also developing a civilised lifestyle.
  • Under the initiative, the government would create PDOs (Public Data Offices) throughout the country.
  • According to Ravi Shankar Prasad’s declaration, the PDOs will not require a licence, registration, or payment.

Concerns Regarding PM WANI

  •  Security Concerns: There are various security risks with a public Wi-Fi network. This is due to multiple persons using the network at the same time from the same location.

As a result, public Wi-Fi poses a high danger of transmitting sensitive data (such as passwords, pins, and so on) over the network.

  • Low Performance: Because public WiFI networks are typically used by multiple individuals at the same time, there is a significant loss of bandwidth, resulting in a slow network speed.

Because of this, Google and Facebook’s plans to provide public Wi-Fi were halted early this year.

  • Cheap Mobile Data: According to TRAI in 2019, India currently boasts some of the cheapest mobile data per GB in the world, with mobile data rates having dropped by 95% in the last five years.

Is there still a need to drive Wi-Fi in this manner, rather than the “leapfrogging” of technology that people have repeatedly discussed in the context of India, now that 4G has become inexpensive and widely available?

Apply online for the PM Wani Yojana 2021 application form.

According to the information, applicants or users who will work using the free Wi-Fi services will not register themselves because they must finish DOT through the online process at Candidates must register during the application process without paying a registration fee; registrations must be completed within seven days. Users can also access the internet through the scheme’s public data centre. This plan is a huge step forward in our country’s digitalization since it allows individuals to simply connect to government services that are available online, saving them time.

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