Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

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Nehru Yuva Kendras were formed in 1972 with the goal of giving rural youth the opportunity to participate in the process of nation-building while also offering possibilities for the development of their personality and abilities.

To monitor the operation of these Kendras, the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) was established as an autonomous agency under the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, in 1987-88. NYKS is the world’s largest grassroots level youth organisation. It channels the strength of youth through the ideas of voluntarism, self-help, and community participation.

Nehru Yuva Kendras are currently operational in 623 districts across the country. In addition, NYKS has created Zonal Offices in 29 Indian states to manage, administrate, and oversee the 623 district-based Nehru Yuva Kendras. The NYKS is headquartered in New Delhi.


The goals of NYKS are twofold:

  1. Including rural kids in nation-building efforts.
  2. To instil in them the skills and values that will enable them to be responsible and productive citizens of a modern, secular, and technological nation.

Core Programmes

  1. Youth Club Development Programme (YCDP)- Its goal is to strengthen the existing network of Youth Clubs with representatives from all walks of life.
  2. Youth Leadership and Community Development (TYLCD) Training – It will strengthen the capacity of young people to take on leadership roles in order to help others live meaningful lives and contribute to nation-building.
  3. Sports Promotion – Block and District Level Sports Meets – to develop sports culture and the spirit of sportsmanship among rural youngsters.
  4. Education in Basic Vocations and Soft Skills (EBVSS) aims to educate rural young women and men in basic vocations, improve soft skills, and boost their self-esteem in society, as well as guide them to pursue Skill Development Training from other agencies. It is also intended to empower young women and men to address difficulties and concerns that they face on a daily basis.
  5. District Level Art and Culture Promotion – It will give rural youngsters the opportunity to showcase their folk cultural ability while also assisting in the preservation and promotion of the same.
  6. Observance of Days of National Importance, National Youth Day, and Week- Its purpose is to raise awareness about the goal, theme, and significance of a certain day of national and worldwide importance.
  7. District Youth Convention – It will provide rural youth leaders with the chance and platform to display products and express themselves, share experiences, and suggest best practices for youth empowerment.
  8. Awards to Outstanding Youth Clubs (AOYC) at the District, State, and National Levels – To honour and encourage youth clubs to participate in community development and welfare activities.
  9. Mahatma Gandhi Swachh Bharat Shramdaan Karyakram Maha Abhiyan evam
  10. Aadarsh Gram Yuva Aadarsh Gram Vikas Karyakaram


Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan has been working on several fronts of youth development with a range of Ministry of Youth Affairs youth programmes and some special programmes in coordination and collaboration with other ministries. The primary focus has been on promoting principles of good citizenship, secular thinking and behaviour, skill development, and assisting youth in adopting productive and orderly behaviour.

National Adolescent Development Program for Youth (NPYAD)

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports’ strategy includes youth-oriented programmes including:

Promotion of Youth Activities and Training, National Integration Promotion, Adventure Promotion, and Adolescent Development and Empowerment

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