National Sports Talent Search Scheme

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The National Sports Talent Search Scheme abbreviated as NSTSS has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports under the able leadership of the Government of India. It was launched in the vision of tile talent identification in the age group of eight to twelve years and providing adequate infrastructure, coaching, guidance, and nurturing national sports talent amongst upcoming youth. To identify and choose young talent, the NSTSS portal will organize a talent hunt and contest where people can come in and try their luck to be a part of the scheme. Before participation, the candidates must register themselves on the NTS online portal. The scheme was launched in New Delhi on 28 of August in 2017 Vice President of the country, honorable M. Naidu along with sports minister Vijay Goel at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. Targeting schools in all the different states and union territories in the country justify the five-year term period required for the successful implementation of the scheme.

Salient features of the Scheme

  1. The objective behind the launch of the scheme is to find out young talent and nurture them to secure a healthy national sports future.
  1. After successful completion of registration on the portal and the physical presence during the contest, approximately 1,000 kids will be selected each year for the next steps to avail of the scholarship. Its scholarship amount would be approximately rupees 5 lakh per year which will continue to be provided for the following 8 years to ensure that the candidate can pursue their sports-related dreams.
  1. Any student who is between the ages 8 to 12 or who are students between the ranges classes 4 and 6 can get the benefit of the scheme provided to clear the physical efficiency and sports aptitude test and do not have any reason to their application which debars them from the process.

Benefits of the scheme

  1. No sporting talent from the district or the school level in the form of the youth will be ignored. It will provide an opportunity for them to enter national sports academies and train under the best professional coaching within the national infrastructure. It encourages them to complete their sporting dreams and be a part of a national and international atmosphere of the highest level of sports.
  1. As no two sports are the same, the requirements for sportsmen also are different. This portal will help the government to get into a better connection with the sporting talent of the country and understand their needs and wants which will then be appropriately satisfied in the given time.
  2. The most neglected area of sports in the country which is the rural sporting area will be brought to the limelight as this portal does not discriminate based on geographical location.

Registration Process

Step 1 – locate the official National Talent Search portal and register yourself under the same.

Step 2– option of creating profiles should be selected where all important details, specifications, history, and medical details of the candidate should be filled in without any faults.

Step 3 – after the profile completion step is over simply apply for the scheme by choosing the given option.

NSTSS is proposed to be a revolution in national sporting culture as it provides training in various sports including handball, gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, athletics, and many more through various states and union territories including the rural regions which have been neglected in the past.

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