Kunverbai nu Mameru scheme

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Gujarat’s Ministry of Women and Child Development ensures the nourishment of children and the empowerment of women living in dignity, as well as the nutrition and development of women in a safe and nondiscriminatory environment. The goal is to enhance the nutritional and health status of children aged 0 to 6 years.

To create the groundwork for a child’s optimal psychological, physical, and social growth. To lower mortality, morbidity, and malnutrition rates. To improve the mother’s ability to care for her child’s normal health and nutrition by providing correct nutrition and health education. Through Anganwadi, provide vital health services to young children, expectant and pregnant moms, and adolescent females, as well as lactating mothers and adolescents. In Anganwadi, children aged 3-6 years receive pre-primary education.

To avoid female feticide and to assure the girl child’s life, education, and protection.

Gujarat’s Ministry of Women and Child Development has introduced the Kunverbai Nu Mameru Scheme. The scheme aims to empower and benefit Gujarati Scheduled Caste women. Girls from the scheduled caste are given financial support to marry under this scheme. The scheme awards a sum of Rs. 5000 to only one family member’s daughter. Gujarat government has started a unique step to assist many impoverished girls and economically disadvantaged families. This scheme is open to Gujarati girls who are members of the scheduled caste. The application form can be obtained from your local department of women and child development. The applicant should apply at the same office with the following documents. The applicant’s yearly income must not exceed Rs. 11000 in order to qualify for the scheme’s benefits, along with additional eligibility restrictions. The nodal agency for this scheme’s execution is the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Benefits of Gujarat’s Kunverbai Nu Mameru Scheme:

  • The Kunverbai Nu Mameru Scheme is dedicated to the well-being of girls from Scheduled Castes.
  • A beneficiary is given monetary assistance of Rs. 5000 for getting married under this scheme.
  • From this sum, Rs. 2000 is given to the girl’s parents or guardians for her wedding, and Rs. 3000 is given to the girl as a Kisan. Vikas Patra (Vikas Patra) is a traditional Hindu.

Eligibility and conditions applying for Kunverbai Nu Mameru Scheme:

  • Gujarati female residents
  • Girls from the Scheduled Caste shall not have a family income of more than Rs. 11,000 per year.

Documents applying for Kunverbai Nu Mameru Scheme:

  • Domicile certificate and electricity bill are examples of proof of residence.
  • Aadhar card, voter ID card, BPL card are all acceptable forms of identification (if available)
  • Certificate of Caste
  • Birth certificate as proof of age
  • Photograph of passport size
  • Certificate of Income
  • Details about the bank, such as the IFSC code, MICR code, and account number

Application procedure:

The candidate should obtain an application form from the nearest Department of Women and Child Development.

The applicant must apply at the same office with the above-mentioned documentation.

Contact Information:

Women who are interested in applying can contact their local Department of Women and Child Development.

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