Key Highlights of BPO Promotion Scheme

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In order to accelerate the technological advancement and generation of job opportunities for the youth of India in the IT sector, Prime Minister Modi launched a bunch of schemes in 2014 that targeted the development of the common public of the nation, which in turn will help in the progress of India.

Hence, in light of boosting the Indian IT industry and spreading internet connectivity and technology, Digital India Movement was launched. The Indian BPO Promotion Scheme is also one of the segments of the Digital India Movement.

Details of launch

The government of India made new announcements in respect to the Indian BPO Promotion Scheme on the 19th of June, 2018. The scheme was designed and implemented under the regulation and control of the Electronics and Information Technology Ministry of India. The announcement was made by Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, stating that the scheme will offer a series of benefits to those who are willing to open a company in the BPO and ITES sectors.

Key Highlights

Take a look at the following mentioned points to know more about some of the key highlights of the Indian BPO Promotion Scheme:

  • Development

In order to bring about new developments in the IT and BPO industry, the government of India has to encourage people to open offices, where such services will be offered. Through this project, a new boost will be offered to entrepreneurs who want to start their own venture in this field.

  • Job opportunities

With the successful implementation of this scheme, the government of India will be able to generate as many as 2 lakh new job opportunities in the IT and BPO sector

  • Data centre creation

It was announced by the minister that a new National Data Center will be put up in the city of Bhopal. Once it has been erected successfully, it will become the biggest data centre in India. For now, there are four data centres that are operational in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi

  • Special incentives

In case the office head offers jobs to women and people with physical disabilities, the scheme will reward with an additional 5% and 2% incentives respectively. In such a case, 50% of the entire number of employees should be women, and at least 4% of total workers must be disabled.

  • Encouragement

In order to make sure that the people of each state do not leave their state in search of work, the government of India has put stress on encouraging business owners that are located in those respective states to open new BPOs


In order to be eligible to apply for the BPO Promotion Scheme, the application should be a private limited company or one-person company or limited company registered in India with a net worth that is positive. The applicant must also be willing to set up a new BPO and ITES operation with a minimum of 100 seats at one location and stay committed to operating in the same location for a minimum time period of 3 years.

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