Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021

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The Gujarat Government launched the Gujrat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021 aka Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana in July of 2021. The sole purpose behind this scheme is to provide free treatment up to Rs. 50,000 to all road accident victims if they manage to reach, report and verify the accident in the first 48 hours. This Scheme essentially covers all citizens of the state of Gujarat or citizens of other states who met with an accident within the state boundaries. The available hospitals for treatment are government hospitals as well private hospitals. The scheme is an important step taken by the Gujarat government to diminish the scale of deaths caused due to road accidents and the unavailability of funds. This is a positive gesture to provide well-timed obtainable therapy to the victims through the vital hour after the accident.

Aim of the Scheme

Essentially speaking, this structure aims at providing people who have met with fatal accidents within the state boundaries with help in the form of money. The patients don’t have to pay for the first 48 hours. It will ensure that human life is saved through quick treatment. The monetary help of Rs. 50,000 is of great magnitude when talking about emergency funds.

Features of the Gujrat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021 :

  1. The government will pay the hospital after the submission of valid documents and bills.
  • All road accidents that have occurred within state limits are valid for coverage, be it a state citizen or outsider.
  • If multiple hospitals are involved, both hospitals will be rightfully reimbursed Rs. 50,000 in totality.
  • Private hospitals cannot charge the patient more than Rs. 50,000 for the first 48 hours as they will get reimbursed for the same amount.
  • All the hospitals, both privately owned and government-owned have been updated with the relevant guidelines about the new Scheme, and cooperation from all health centres is expected and appreciated.
  • The treatments of dressing of wounds, X-ray, blood transfusion, treatment in ICU, MRI, ECG, and other treatments in the hospital.
  • This Scheme will enable the victim or patient to be admitted to any nearby healthcare center without caring about medical expenses.
  • The ambulance operators have also been directed to shift the patient to the best nearby hospital for the treatment of the patient.

The coverage provided under the Scheme

The Government of Gujarat has enlisted the names of the treatments that will be covered under the Scheme to provide clarity and avoid any last-minute confusion.

  1. Dressing of injury
  • Fracture stabilization
  • Trauma treatment
  • X-Ray
  • Intimate treatment Unit (ICU)
  • Gum Injuries
  • Stabilization
  • Head injury operation

The Gujarat Government has begun implementing this Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana. In Gujarat, around 29,300 accidents happen yearly out of which around 6,400 end in the death of sufferers. Providing the absolute best therapy in a well-timed method will assist in saving many lives. For this motive, the Government will present directions to the personal hospitals to begin giving free therapy and submit their payments with the officers for reimbursement.

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