Gharkul Yojna List

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Food, shelter and clothes are the three most necessary needs of life. However, there are many people in our country who are homeless because they do not have access to a shelter. As a result, the Maharashtra government has decided to give shelter to the state’s inhabitants. The Maharashtra government has launched a new government scheme known as Gharkul Yojana or Ramai Awas Yojana 2022. The Maharashtra government would offer dwellings under the scheme.

2021 Ramai Housing Yojana

The Maharashtra government will give houses to its inhabitants under the Gharkul Yojana. The state government would grant dwellings to persons from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Neo Buddhists under the Gharkul Yojana.

So far, 1.5 lakh houses have been handed to Maharashtra residents through the Gharkul plan, and the government has set a target of 51 lakh residences through the Gharkul Yojana List. Those who want to apply for a house under this scheme must do so online at the official website.

Online Enrollment

Interested Maharashtra residents who want to apply for a home under this scheme can do so online by visiting the scheme’s official website. The Gram Panchayat chooses the beneficiaries. The gramme panchayat maintains a permanent waiting list, which is posted on the gramme panchayat’s notice board. Only citizens of scheduled caste, scheduled caste, and neo-Buddhist class will be provided under this system.

Purpose or Goal of the Yojana

The major goal of Ramai Awas Yojana 2021 is to launch this scheme for the state’s financially disadvantaged families who are unable to build their own homes due to financial constraints. This project provides housing for Maharashtra’s underprivileged, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Castes, and Neo Buddhists. Maharashtra is progressing thanks to the Maharashtra Ramai Awas Gharkul Scheme.

The Advantages of the Maharashtra Gharkul Yojana

  • This initiative will aid Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Neo Buddhist parts of Maharashtra, and economically disadvantaged households.
  • The state government provides dwellings to needy persons from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Neo Buddhists through the Gharkul scheme (SC, ST).
  • If state residents want to acquire a home, they must apply through this programme.

Application Process

If a state recipient wishes to apply for this Gharkul Yojana, he/she should follow the procedure outlined below.

  • To begin, the applicant can go to the scheme’s official website or this link. The home page will appear after you visit the official website.
  • On this home page, you will find an option to apply for Ramai Awas Yojana online. You must select this option. The following page will open in front of you after you click on the option.
  • You will be sent to the application form on this page, where you will be required to provide all of the requested information such as your name, address, Aadhaar number, and so on.
  • After you have completed all of the fields, click the submit button. After then, you must log in. To log in, go to the home page and click the login icon.
  • Then, in the login form, enter your username and password and click the login button. This will allow you to finish the application.

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