General Thimmayya National (GETHNAA)

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The Government of Karnataka founded Gethnaa in 1989 as an autonomous organisation for the development of adventure in Karnataka and neighbouring states with the cooperation of the relevant State Governments. The Academy was established in memory of the late General K S Thimayya. Karnataka State, with its distinct geographical features, has every type of terrain for outward headed activities on land, water, and sky, with the exception of snow-clad mountains.

This opens up several options for adventure, outdoors, and environmental studies. To bring adventure to the people, the Academy has designated areas of action in all districts across Karnataka. To attract local children, subcenters for various specialisations, such as camping, wilderness survival, forest exploration, aero and aqua sports, are planned in distant regions of the state.

This contrasts with what is commonly thought of as Adventure Sports for the Elite. The Academy’s mission is to reach out to all segments of our society and instil a sense of adventure to confront the challenges of the new era. The Academy’s primary focus for adventure training would be a series of adventure courses of varying lengths in the three categories listed below:

  1. Terrestrial Activities: Rock climbing, trekking with an emphasis on forest exploration, day and night navigation on the ground, map reading, river and fast crossings, nature awareness camps and scientific exploration, sports climbing, and so on.
  2. Rowing, Sailing, Kayaking, Wind Surfing, Short Sea-faring Forays in Fisherman’s Boats and Sailing Expeditions, Rafting, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, and other Aqua Sports Activities
  3. Parasailing, for example, is an example of an aero-sport activity.


The academy’s goal is to take every conceivable effort to instil in young people a strong interest in and dedication to outward bound educational activities.

  1. The academy, in particular, offers beginner and intermediate courses in Terrestrial, Aero, and Aqua Sports.
  2. Outward-bound projects and expenditures are sponsored.
  3. Promotes and expands scientific and specialised adventure knowledge.
  4. Outstanding efforts in adventurous activities are rewarded.
  5. Provides financial support to needy adventures.
  6. Promotes the preservation and conservation of flora and animals, as well as the development of skills in ecology and environmental consciousness.

Courses conducted

TAOC – Terrestrial Adventure Orientation Courses.

TBAC – Terrestrial Basic Adventure Courses.

TAAC – Terrestrial Advanced Courses.

AEOC – Aero Orientation Courses.

AEBC – Aero Advanced Courses.

AQOC – Aqua Orientation Courses.

AQBC – Aqua Advanced Courses.

ITC – Instructor Training Courses.

Sport Climbing

This academy built and installed an international quality sports climbing wall at Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore.

Contests Academy is hosting the following young competitions.

  1. Bangalore hosts a state-level sports climbing tournament.
  2. During the Dasara Sports Festival, a state-level invitation sport climbing tournament was held in Mysore.
  3. During the Dasara sports festival in Mysore, there was a state-level road cycling competition.
  4. Sport climbing competition at the Southern Zonal Level in Bangalore.
  5. Aqua sports competition at the state level in Karwar/Hubli/Davanagere.
  6. Bangalore will host an all-India sport climbing championship.

Financial support

The Academy will reimburse course fees for individuals who complete basic, advanced, M.O.I, and search and rescue courses at National Institutes in India with an “A” grade. This institution provides financial help to those who excel in adventure sports.


The academy’s office is located at Nrupatunga Road, Bangalore – 560 001, in the State Youth Centre Building. Except on Sundays and other holidays, the office is open from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

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