Gaurav Nari Niti – Women’s Pride, Gender Equality

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Gujarat’s Ministry of Women and Child Development has created the Gaurav Nari Niti. Gender equality is at the heart of the scheme; it is the belief that men and women should be treated equally in social, economic, and other parts of society, and that they should not be discriminated against because of their gender. To meet these needs, the Gujarat government created a one-of-a-kind initiative aimed at empowering women. To empower women in the state, the government guarantees that they are treated equally and provides a variety of services, facilities, and programs, such as Economic Environment, Health, Quality of Life, Non-Violence, Education, Advocacy, and Capacity Building.

This initiative encourages women SHGs to engage in activities such as contract farming, farm services, processing, and marketing of dairy, poultry, and agricultural products, among other things, and it ensures that all women in Gujarat can benefit from it. The nearest women and child development department can provide you with more information.

Gaurav Nari Niti Benefits in Gujarat:

  • Gender equality is a priority for Gaurav Nari Niti, and it is also a governmental policy.
  • Women’s economic situation is to be improved through a scheme.
  • With the support of NGOs, cooperatives, and private organizations, a scheme to develop and upgrade the technical entrepreneurial and management abilities of artisan and poor women, as well as unskilled nonliterate young women, through special training courses.
  • Scheme to encourage colleges to provide information to female students to help them find work.
  • Plan to build working women’s hostels in every district and large city.
  • The scheme established a fund to assist SHGs and women’s cooperatives in launching economic activities.
  • Encourage cooperative and nationalized banks to lend to women SHGs for farm, forest, and non-farm income-generating enterprises.
  • Plan to teach a significant number of existing social workers to address the issue of violence against women and to deal with such victims methodically.

Eligibility and conditions applying for Gaurav Nari Niti:

  • Gujarati women can apply.
  • Women who are illiterate, poor, or unskilled and who live in a rural or urban location are eligible for the scheme’s benefits.

Documents applying for Gaurav Nari Niti:

  • Domicile certificate, the electric bill, etc. are examples of proof of residence.
  • Aadhar cards, voter ID, and other forms of identification are acceptable.
  • BPL (British Public Library) card (if available)
  • Birth certificate as proof of age
  • Photograph of passport size

Note: Documents may or may not be required, but the applicant may keep them.

Application procedure:

To get benefits from the scheme, the beneficiary should contact the nearest Department of Women and Child Development. There is no mention of a specific application procedure. The Department of Women and Child Development is the scheme’s nodal agency.

Contact Information: For additional information, the applicant should contact the nearest Department of Women and Child Development. They will take the process from thereon.

Details and references: Visit the official website for further information on documents and other resources:

Details are also available here:

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