Financial Assistance for Promotion of Youth Activities and Training (FAPYAT

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The population of India consists mainly of young people. Therefore, it is necessary not only to address the problems of young people but also to offer them opportunities for development. This section provides detailed information on government systems, welfare programs and initiatives in general. development of the youth of the country.

The Ministry of Youth and Sport has various programs to support and encourage young people to promote national integration and eliminate social grievances. The FAPYAT program will have the following sub-components:

  1. Vocational training: The aim is to develop leadership skills, prevent rural youth from migrating to the cities by making them aware of the importance of agriculture and enable entrepreneurs to learn modern training methods.
  2. Entrepreneurship Development: The aim is to promote an understanding of the entrepreneurial process among young people, to equip project design and planning skills and to help unemployed youth.
  3. Awareness: The objectives are to showcase youth’s contributions to development activities, to channel active participation in nation-building activities and to provide a platform for their skills to be showcased.

Eligibility criteria

Under this system, the financial support provided is subject to a normative pattern. And the young people who can apply under this program are between 15 and 35 years of age. These youth may apply and participate in these training programs and engage in such activities.


The aim of this plan is to facilitate the creation of youth activities and provide them with training for the development of the country. Some of the objectives are as follows:

  1. Organize and educate young people about their rights and responsibilities and provide them with proper training and employment.
  2. Promote the public participation of young people and  strengthen the links between  local groups, businesses, schools and local authorities
  3. Implement socially sustainable development and self-government programs to promote civil society
  4. Work on taking the necessary measures and actions to restore, improve and protect the quality conditions of the Environment.
  5. Countering the negative social ills pervasive in a youthful environment, such as B. crime, addiction, aggression, dowry, prostitution, xenophobia, domestic violence and others.

Application procedure

The eligible NGO should submit its application along with the required documents and  recommendations from one of the following:

  1. State Government
  2. UT Administration
  3. District / DM Collector
  4. NYK
  5. NSS Regional Center.

And the application for registration should be sent to the Deputy Secretary/Director (Education), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi.

The application must be sent to:

Deputy Secretary/Director (Training), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi.

Types of assistance

Under the program, financial support would be granted according to a normative pattern.

In conclusion

The government keeps developing different schemes and programs to make changes in the sector that strongly requires such changes. Therefore, this program for youth to encourage them to participate in youth activities and provide training is of great importance and youth should be registered to benefit and thrive for development and growth.

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