Emeritus Fellowship

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The UGC Emeritus Scholarship is a scholarship created by the University Grants Commission to provide teachers who have retired but are still interested and wish to participate in teaching and research programs without restrictions on positions and salary scales, to offer the opportunity.

The University Grant Commission created a grant called the UGC Emeritus Fellowship, which gives ageing teachers a chance with no restrictions on position or salary scales. According to UGC regulations, the prizes will take effect from April 1st  and the amount will be deposited directly. in applicants’ bank accounts.

This scholarship offers many benefits to the recipients selected by the Expert Committee. All recipients must join the scholarship within 3 months of the start of the award. If they do not join the scholarship, their scholarship will be cancelled.


The main objective of this scholarship is to provide obsolete or retired teachers with the opportunity to complete their active research in their related fields such as universities and colleges. The UGC Emeritus Scholarship offers many benefits to applicants, with the amount being deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account.

All applicants must join the scholarship within three months of the start of the award date; If he or she cannot start the scholarship within 3 months, the enrollment will be declared cancelled. Applicants interested in this scholarship should visit the University Scholarship Commission’s official website.


There are many benefits of this scholarship:

  1. This scholarship  is established by the University Grants Commission.
  2. With the help of this grant, obsolete teachers have the opportunity to continue their active research.
  3. Applicants must join the scholarship within 3 months.
  4. If the applicant cannot start the scholarship in less than 3 months, his application will be cancelled.
  5. The applicant must not be older than 70 years.
  6. The teacher must be from a university or college.
  7. The teacher must be very experienced and qualified.
  8. The amount of the Success Grant is Rs.50,000 per year
  9. Applicants interested in this scholarship should visit the University Scholarship Commission’s official website

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for scholarships are as follows:

  1. Teachers must be highly qualified and experienced.
  2. Teachers must come from recognized universities and institutions.
  3. Teacher suitability is determined based on their research and published work in the service of teachers.
  4. The age of applicant must not be older than 70 years

Documents required

Here is a list of some important documents  required for the UGC Emeritus Scholarship:

  1. Scanned Image
  2. Scanned Signature
  3. Proof of Qualification
  4. Aadhar Card
  5. Proof of Age
  6. Other Important Documents

Application Procedure

To apply for this scholarship, the applicant needs to follow these simple steps:

  1. Firstly, open the official website of UGC.
  2. Now go to the scholarship column.
  3. Look for the Emeritus Scholarship link and read the detailed information about it.
  4. Then click on the Apply Online option.
  5. Now the registration form appears.
  6. Fill out the registration form.
  7. Complete the registration by entering the user ID and password.
  8. Attach all required documents now.
  9. Click Send
  10. Don’t forget to get a hard copy of your form

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