BSR Fellowship

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The UGC BSR Scholarship is a program for deserving students to undertake advanced studies and research leading to a PhD degree in various scientific disciplines. The UGC BSR grant will be merged with the NET JRF and the grant amount has been updated effective January 1, 2019. UGC BSR Full Form is University Grants Commission Basic Scientific Research.

The program aims to transform innovative theoretical research into practical applications that can be used in various fields. The duration of the course is initially two years and can be extended by a further three years. The total duration of the scholarship is five years and will not be extended under any circumstances.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are considered eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates must be from one of the faculties
  2. Science
  3. Bioscience
  4. Agricultural Science
  5. Engineering
  6. Science
  7. Candidates must have already been selected for enrollment in the PhD program through the UGC selection process.

Documents required

Candidates are asked to upload three PDF files containing:

  1. A complete list of publications for each article: serial number, article title, names of all authors, journal, year, volume, page, and journal impact factor.
  2. Information (unilateral proposal and planned use of the grant)
  3. Certificate from the university in a specific format

Application Procedure

Only candidates selected to apply to the P.hD program are eligible to apply for the scholarship under the program. Applicants must apply to the selected institutions or universities for a research grant. You can register for a doctorate after the admissions procedure.

The selection process includes the selection and review of applications followed by an interview. The interview panel consists of:

  • An outstanding scholar appointed by the vice-chancellor
  • A professor and a lecturer appointed by the vice-chancellor
  • Department heads
  • Two reviewers – appointed by the Rector (non-university)

House Rent Allowance

HRA is not permitted for fellows staying in hostels. In these cases, the scholarship holders can only charge dormitory fees  (water and electricity costs are excluded). Note: Hostel accommodation is subject to availability at the host institution. In the event that no accommodation is available,  the host university will provide the scholarship holders with individual accommodation.

In these cases, the scholarship holder will be reimbursed for the rent paid (the amount reimbursed is subject to  HRA cap and  Government of India regulations). In case the scholarship holder organizes their own accommodation, they have the right to obtain HRA according to the categorization of cities by the Government of India.

Leave Policy

Scholarship holders are entitled to a maximum of 30 days per year. Scholars also have the right to take public holidays (with the approval of the university director). India) for the duration of the scholarship.

Procedure for releasing Grant

The UGC will transfer the grant amount to the grantee’s bank account through a designated agency. The grantee must contact the intended branch and submit the required documents:

  • Continuation Certificate (must be submitted at the end of every three months)
  • Annual Progress Report (must be submitted after one year of the grant)
  • HRA Grant Contingency Accounts Certificate.

Financial Assistance

GATE/ NET qualified candidates

  • JRF- Rs 31000 per month
  • SRF- Rs 35000 per month

Other candidates

  • JRF- Rs 21700 per month
  • SRF- Rs 24800 per month


  • JRF- Rs 12000 per annum
  • SRF- 25000 per annum

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