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ICAR National Talent Scholarships (NTS): The Indian Council of Agricultural Research National Talent Scholarships (NTS) are available to students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s program approved by the All India Entrance Examination (AlEE) at the Agricultural University. The scholarship is initially awarded for a period of one year from the actual entry into the agricultural college. The university must obtain the required form from the students.

National Talent Scholarship

However, it should be noted that the recipient will earn their scholarship monthly at the end of each month and advance to the next class and have an OGPA/CGPA of 7.00 out of 10.00 (6.50/10.00 for SC/ST) secures. The university must guarantee students a Direct Transfer of Benefits (DBT), linking the grantee’s bank account to the Aadhaar number.

Eligibility criteria

A student is eligible for the scholarship given below:

  1. He or she takes approved courses and is admitted to an agricultural university outside his home state.
  2. Maintains merit and good conduct as certified by the principal of the college/university/institution.
  3. Do not remain absent without prior permission and do not engage in agitation/strike etc. during the phase.
  4. He or she starts studying full-time and doesn’t take a job, not even a part-time job.
  5. You will not accept any other study grants/scholarships during your undergraduate studies.
  6. You do not discontinue your studies within one month of admission; otherwise, no grant will be paid.
  7. This does not subsequently change the originally assigned subject for which the NTS was awarded. during your studies.

Mode of Payment

The amount of the scholarship is paid as follows:

  1. The scholarship is paid to the director of the college/institute, who pays it to the student after examining the required documents.
  2. The grant is not paid directly to the student.
  3. The scholarship starts from the month the student joins the college/university/institution and runs until the end of the course.
  4. The college/university/institute receives the scholarship payment as a lump sum in advance for a total of 12 months.


Students who have met the eligibility criteria can check the value of the scholarship amount. The scholarship is currently Rs 2,000 per month for Undergraduate (Bachelor) students and Rs 3,000 per month for Postgraduate (Master) students. No success grant will be paid.

The scholarship ends in the following cases:

  1. From the date, the scholarship holder is no longer on the payroll of the college/university/institution.
  2. From the date, the scholarship sanction expires.
  3. is abandoned by the college/university/institution or indulges in severe indiscipline.
  4. If the scholarship recipient fails to meet the minimum coursework requirements required for  scholarship continuation
  5. A grantee may not withdraw from the course prior to its completion without the prior approval of the Council. If a scholarship holder withdraws without permission, any scholarship amount owed by the college/university/institute will not be paid out and the student will have to pay back the scholarship received so far.
  6. The associated expenses are covered by funds from the ICAR plan within the program for the development and strengthening of agricultural education – sub-component – National Talent Scholarship.

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